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Cross Back Cafe Chair Design – Cross Cafe Chair Design This is a bit of a modern classic, because the back crossing and using the cross is not using fiber.

Cross Back Cross Cafe Chair

Picture Cross Back Cross Cafe Chair

Quality Cross Back Cross Material Chair By Delima Furniture

The material used for this Cross Back Cross Cafe Chair uses teak wood raw material, because teak has been tested for its durability strength and is also anti-pest or termite, so there is no need to doubt the quality if it is only for a cafe chair furniture.

the second is fhinishing materials, there are 2 types of fhinishing materials, the first is Duco paint, duco paint is again a trend in this modern era by using imitation of top car paints such as White, Red, Green, Pink, and others.

The second is Natural Color, the dominant natural color to antique colors, often used for classic styles but no less luxurious than duco paint, the materials used are impregnated and melamic to suit Dov, Gloss, and semi-gloss tastes.


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